Construction Lift Cables

Construction lift cables are used on lifts for the transport of persons and material. The cables are subject to extreme usage conditions, such as heat, cold, moisture, oil and chemicals.
In our in-house development department we offer our customers the best advice and support, as well as special solutions to meet customer wants.

The advantages of Semoflex® Baulift are plain for you to see

  • cost-effective solutions
  • reduced installation times
  • higher service lives
  • protection against outside influences
  • partial special manufacture through to component manufacture
  • the most extensive UV protection possible

If there is no cable available to suit your application, we will be happy to develop and deliver an optimised solution recommendation for you application. Contact us now.

Semoflex® Baulift

Our construction lift cables withstand very many bending cycles at a very small bend radius. The Semoflex® Baulift product range covers the range of travel speeds from 20-80 m/min. Our delivery range includes Semoflex® Baulift-T for use in a cable pot and Semoflex® Baulift-W for use in a cable trolley.

Technical Data

Cable support grips

Cable support grips, also called mounting grips, are a quick and secure aid for careful and strain relieving hanging of cables and lines. 

The cable support grips can be fastened precisely and easily in comparison with existing clamps. With their sophisticated construction and high quality materials the cable support grips can support an exceptionally high load.

The flexible wire mesh distributes the tension on the cable support grips along a long section of cable. A point-form load, which can lead to breakage of the core, such as, for example, with cable clamps, no longer occurs with cable support grips.

Cable support grips are used for the stationary fastening of cables to open-air transformers, terminal boxes machinery and equipment, including lifts and cranes. 

Technical Data